Covering over 90,000 acres, Ol Pejeta is a vast Conservancy that is well-known for its resident rhino population, its chimpanzee sanctuary and for having some of the greatest densities of wildlife in East Africa. The Conservancy is continually looking at ways to protect and sustain the environment, so that the wildlife can thrive and so that the local people can benefit from conservation.

Conservation is often about innovation, and nowhere is this philosophy more apparent than at Ol Pejeta. For example, the controversial but highly successful integration of wildlife and livestock means that the traditional conflict between the two interests is avoided and innovative ways to meet the needs of both wildlife and livestock can be met and maintained.

  • Highlights of Ol Pejeta Wildlife Conservancy include:
  • An astounding variety of animals including the Big Five
  • Some of the highest predator densities in Kenya
  • The largest black rhino sanctuary in East Africa
  • 4 of only 7 northern white rhinos left in the world live on Ol Pejeta
  • Only place in Kenya to see chimpanzees
  • In addition to the black and white rhino, the Conservancy is home to a number of endangered species including Jackson’s hartebeest and Grevy’s zebra.

Open House

Come and see the fully furnished show house and see Mount Kenya Wildlife Estate for yourself. We have someone all week on site except Mondays. Please book an appointment at least one day prior to your visit. Call Ryden International on Tel: 020 3875121/2, 0724-257029, 0734-832461 or email, rose@ryden.co.ke


The influence of Ol Pejeta impacts all of Laikipia and much of northern Kenya through its expertise in livestock trading with the conservation focused communities of the Northern Rangelands Trust, providing both affordable wildlife viewing for Kenyans and first rate schools and health clinics to its direct neighbours.


The Mount Kenya Wildlife Estate, is on the eastern boundary of the Ol Pejeta Conservancy which is approximately 10 km due west of Nanyuki Town, in Laikipia District. It is 2.5 hours drive north of Nairobi and 20 minutes drive from Nanyuki.


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